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Writer's Block: Know Thyself

What habit of your own annoys other people? Have you ever tried to change it?

First thing: I tease and make fun of people. -grins- It annoys them pretty much, and I haven't tried to change that. It's way too funny. :B Like... drawing strange things in their faces, while they're asleep. Can't miss such a chance! And stealing their stuff (only for fun) and make them run after you. Making them angry is actually fun. It's funny to annoy people. -grins-

Second thing:
I have this baaaaaad temper, which I'm still trying to control, so basically... I'm trying to change this habit. I get easily mad, and I might get into a fight, if I don't hold back. If there's someone, who just make me angry and irritated, I'm urge to kill him/her/them. And then someone or for the safety more people have to hold me back.

Third thing: I'm an idiot. I'm made to annoy people. If I changed that, I wouldn't be myself any longer. I'm a prankster, so I don't tend to stop being one. (or being myself for that matter...) So, I'm just an annoying brat, and I don't care, 'cause that's how I am!