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SIGH..... ( - __ - )"

Okay.... So nothing much have happened in here.


I've been quite away from this journal, so I guess for the first time ever since 'forever' I'll post something.

Sadly I don't have much to say this time. -__-" I'm not sure about what to write here lately. I kinda lost the interest in it... yeah. Thing is I suddenly got things to take care of, and less time to spend in LJ. Also... I haven't got the time to write my fanfictions! >___<" Either way, I'll try to catch up with it. I've got my own original stories to write, and illustrations of the characters to draw, so far so good there's so much to do and so less time to take care of them all. *sighs*

I would give almost anything for more time. -___-"