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Might as well tell a little... Let's go down straight to this. This person who owns this LJ-profile is an idiot.

...You got that?




Now some few more information.

Shortly said, I'm an idiot, but honest to tell the truth. Apparently I'm quite the open type. I don't get bothered if anyone reads this or any entries I've written. (That's why I wrote this biography...) Most of the entries are about Ouran or myself. Some of them are for public, and some others are only for friends. I have a user on ff.net. It's "Kunisaki" if you would ever like to know.

In real life I'm a prankster at school, a so-called grinning devil... or as the others and my friends call me: a bastard from a higher status in wealth.(shortly said: Rich Bastard) Might as well just say that I'm a typical person with a dry personality. If you would ever meet me in real life, you would hardly see which gender I am. (reason: by clothing, the shapes of body, looks, personality and attitude... it's hard to tell what I am.)

What I tell is the truth. Everything in this biography is true. I'm an honest person, and I've told that before. But of course... it depends on if you would believe me. *grins*

That's all I have to say...